Who are G20 EMPOWER Advocates?

CEOs or Heads of Foundations/Associations who act as supporters and promoters of the G20 EMPOWER vision and messages within their companies, their sector, their networks, and their country.

The role of the Advocates

Being an advocate means:

  • • Being part of a leading network and committing to this joint cause
  • • Joining networking events to strengthen the alliance with other Advocates and G20 Empower members to favour the progression on women’s leadership.
  • • Championing G20 EMPOWER messages and commitments through social media, panels, or other external-facing communication opportunities, as well as promoting G20 EMPOWER actions and messages within their companies and other country-level industries in the private sector.
  • • Providing content and expert input to G20 EMPOWER Country Representatives by sharing analyses and data, as well as sharing best practices and thoughts on policy and recommendations. By doing so, advocates will have access to the best practices from all G20 EMPOWER Members and Advocates.
  • • Leveraging their network to help G20 EMPOWER reach out to additional experts or key contacts in the private sector.

We invite you to become a G20 EMPOWER Advocate