Cherilyn is the founder and CEO of and She self-learned coding when she was 5 and has been an early adopter of technology since. Despite facing challenges as a female in a male-dominated technology sector, Cherilyn successfully gained a prominent reputation in the sector by being consistent and reliable., an award-winning technology platform led by a stellar global team, serves various high-profile clients in the legal, accounting, and compliance space in APAC and the EMEA region. Asia Law Network works closely with the Ministry of Law, the Law Society of Singapore, and Enterprise Singapore to enable access to justice across the region.

She overcame the challenges she faced by stressing the importance of building sustainable relationships with fellow women in the industry and having a good team at work and a supportive family.

Cherilyn's advice for fellow women who are keen to enter the tech sector and/or start their own business is: "Just do it. By living your dream, you become a role model for future generations. Find like-minded women to share your pains and go through the journey together, and support other women around you. Recognize and encourage the efforts of male allies too."